First reactions:

"OMG this is channeled, all right. Direct from Source, it's speaking to those of us who are opening up to the energies of our own beings. What an incredible gift!!!!" ....It's like Claudia is writing out a guidebook for those of us who are here to bring into the world this new way of being — a guidebook, couched in a story, but calling us together....There aren't words to really express the resonance, the power and the incredible YES that rolls through my body.... YES YES YES!!"

Sara L Daigle - award winning author of Alawahea and Triangle

A phone message: "Exquisitely written - a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful story where I felt like an honored guest. This book to me is just spectacular. It was a delightful gift…. that arrived on the right day to help me express who I am on the planet, which is joy. It’s a joyous gift for anyone that is going to read it. And for me it’s like the book called Shantaram. It’s just a joyous journey of exquisiteness. From me - heart to heart - absolutely bloody brilliant!”  

Jenny Schmal - Inner Life Skills (ILS) Change and Personal Transformation Coach 

"Oh Claudia your book, I have goosebumps. I have to keep going back and rereading. I see something opening before me that I can’t quite put into words just yet. Thank you, thank you."

Jill C. Brown - Creator of Soul Avatar ®

Let the journey begin:)

We never knew where the path would take us, yet still we climbed. 

Exhausted, I wipe my forehead. Dirt mixing with sweat creating a smeary trail, like a reminder of the trail we had traveled up to this point. The land is tropical, lush, rich—but foreign for someone like me who grew up in the north. 

The cacophony of birds is deafening at times. Mocking, teasing, taunting, celebrating, and sweetly soothing, all at the same time. Flowers that remind me of hibiscus, but as large as my head, rest on fleshy leaves. Strangely, there are no insects—at least none of the bloodsucking, biting kind. The air feels layered: there is a light crispness underneath the sweltering, tropical heat.

Why am I telling you all this, I wonder? 

I live in two worlds, you see. On one hand, I am traveling up the mysterious path in a jungle unlike any I have ever heard of or imagined. On the other hand, I am sitting on my sheepskin rug, leaning against my bed, typing words into my laptop. 

“Write!!!" I had heard just as I was waking up, then seeing an image of myself opening my MacBook (with the blue cover that shows every single fingerprint. “Gotta wipe those off,” I told myself. 

And then I wondered: Is this “writing” prompt a result of my conversation with my friend Melissa, yesterday, after the channeling during our HeartLight Circle? 

I am something of an oracle, you see. Except that sounds ancient, and I am really more of a normal kind of woman, at a middle kind of age—a perfect age, actually. What I channel feels like ancient knowledge, though, and brand-new at the same time. A bit like the two layers in the air on that mountain path. 

So yesterday, my third-grade aspiring author-self got resurrected, after bouncing around the idea of writing a channeled novel—because most of my channeling comes in these multilayered, multifaceted pictures, anyway. Oracle style :) 

And today, I woke up to this prompt to “Write!!!”

Wondering why am I telling you all this? It is as mysterious as the jungle path, so let’s keep going.

“Where are we now?” I ask my travel companion. 

He turns to me, beaming. He actually looks freaking illuminated, and not a bead of sweat in sight on his strong, kind face. Like he walked through the layer of crisp, fresh morning air while I was toiling through the slightly oppressive, weirdly sweet—decayingly sweet—jungle heat. 

“Come sit with me for a minute,” he invites me. And he points to some rocks that appear seemingly out of nowhere, just like the little clearing on the side of the path where they sit. He takes my hand as he positions himself to face me. I am a sweaty-hot mess, yet he is lighting up even more in front of my eyes, literally looking like a light being. WTF! Wow! He looks at me, his eyes sending beams of light into mine. 

“Who are you?” I hear myself ask him. 

He laughs lightly, sounding carefree—almost giddy—and totally at ease. 

“You might not believe me if I tell you,” he replies. 

“Try me!” I end up sounding more challenging than I intended. 

“I am you,” he says softly, holding my gaze with his crystal-clear, two-layered, two-colored land-and-sea eyes. His eyes have this incredible depth that melts my heart—melts me. 

 I feel myself dissolving into his gaze, into him in a way that I perceive nothing but his eyes, his presence—yet it feels strangely like I am feeling my own presence. Whew. I am shaking my head, wanting to make sense of what I think I just heard, but I cannot break the spell. Nor do I really want to. “I am you,” the words begin echoing—but not in my head; more in the space that looks like a bright bubble, and has appeared around us on our seat on the rocks.

. . . . . .

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